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Are You Looking for a Meditation Program to Boost Staff Potential and Performance?

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Our Meditation Program gives you a technique to experience radiant, good health.

Reducing the amount of accumulated stress and fatigue in your body will help you perform at the top of your game in all areas of life – to achieve your full potential.

In just two hours a day for four days, you will learn a self-sufficient meditation technique that you can practice for the rest of your life. Our Meditation Program is taught in four sessions. In this carefully-designed, yet simple sessions, you will develop a deeper understanding of the mind from both the perspective of modern science and ancient wisdom, gaining the practical tools required to minimize the effects of stress.

How Does Meditation Help?

  • Improves emotion regulation, positive emotions and self-control
  • Decreases depression
  • Decreases stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increases self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Boosts immune function
  • Decreases pain
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Normalises blood pressure
  • Reduces anxiety and hypertension
  • Reduces adrenalin, blood lactate and cortisol levels
  • Improves learning ability and memory

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“This is the most life changing program I have ever done and I feel positive about the future.”

- Elise Elliot, Partner, Deloitte

  • Meditation is the most powerful stress relieving tool
  • Meditation is a technique to experience radiant, good health
  • Tools to help you achieve your full potential

We Develop High Performance People.

We Transform People, Teams & Culture.


The first session will be an individual 45-minute appointment. In this first session, you will receive individual instruction in the technique from an experienced teacher. Learning to meditate is easy and natural so by the end of the session most people notice they feel a deep sense of rest and relaxation.

In the second session, your practice of the technique will be verified and validated. This 90 minute group session covers the practical aspects of using meditation in your daily routine, including when, where and how to meditate to get the very best results.

The third session is designed to further develop your understanding of the technique. You will learn how physical, emotional and mental stress is created, and how stress impairs brain functioning, creativity and problem-solving abilities. You will learn how the mind and body work together during meditation, how the state of deep rest gained during meditation increases your personal energy and how to minimise the effects of stress on your mind, body and behaviour. This third session is approximately 90 minutes.

The fourth session focuses on the immediate and long-term benefits of the meditation technique. The experiential nature of the learning in this program is the key to its success. It is a practical way to discover for yourself how quickly the brain’s reactive stress response can be pacified naturally. Over the previous three days you will have been practising the new technique and noticing gradual improvements. The scientific evidence on how the brain changes during meditation is explored and presentations on the improvements to leadership in self- awareness, emotional self -control and other life enhancing experiences are reported in the group. You will discover how consistent improvement is delivered through regular daily use of the meditation for brain training and performance results.

“It has been fantastic. We have built a program around the mental side of the game and meditation and mindfulness is one component of that. Players, after some early scepticism have embraced it and a lot of them are practising regularly and they are finding it very beneficial towards their performance and how they recover. It is now a part of their program.”

- Don Pyke, Senior Coach, Adelaide Football Club

“Firstly, this program has been a valuable tool providing a catalyst for group discussion and a narrowing of focus and greater understanding of why we exist at this club and what we can achieve together if we really want to do so. In discussion, it is evident that it really doesn’t matter whether meditation is beneficial or not. It’s whether we think it is. In that sense you have provided enough evidence to suggest it does and my belief or otherwise will now be a product of the results I gain from it.”

- Nathan Buckley Senior Coach Collingwood Football Club

“People are more self-aware. They understand that their actions and words impact on others. They are also able to provide intervention strategies to alleviate issues or find solutions. Many people are continuing with the meditation. Many are eating better and are mindful of exercising and providing better balance in their work lives. We are having people look for more solutions and being more engaged as a result.”

- Christina Bassani, People and Well-being Manager for Goulburn Valley Water

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